📬 Track open pull requests

The new Open Pull Requests view makes it easier to stay on top of work that’s in-flight. You can quickly see which pull requests are waiting for reviews or approvals, and which are ready to deploy. You can also set goals for your code reviews, so things don’t slip over time.

We’re making this feature available to everyone while in Beta.

✨  New

  • Pull Requests: All your team’s open pull requests broken down by stage (awaiting review, awaiting merge, and ready to deploy). From here you can quickly find and open in GitHub any pull requests that might be stuck.
  • Summary Metrics: Quick metrics on your team’s work in progress, such as the number of open pull requests and how long they’ve been waiting on review or approvals. These reflect your currently open pull requests to give you a real-time view of code reviews:
    • Pull requests in progress: Count of open PRs
    • Ready to merge: Average time since approval
    • Awaiting approval: Average time since review
    • Awaiting review: Average time since open
  • Team Goals: Set team goals for code reviews (e.g. approve pull requests within a day), so you can stay on track.

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