⚡ Track, collaborate on upcoming deployments

Our latest update helps you stay on top of work that’s ready to be deployed and prevent large backlogs of changes. With new deployment metrics and more powerful Slack notifications, you can make your team’s deployments faster, easier, and more frequent.

✨  What’s new?

  • Keep a pulse on the overall health of your deployment process with new summary metrics. Get insight into how long it takes to deploy changes, the number of recent deployments, and the success rate of those deployments.
  • Track upcoming deployments with a summary of pull requests ready to ship, organized by repository and sorted by the maximum age of changes waiting to be deployed.
  • Notify your team team of changes that need to be deployed with deployment previews in Slack.
  • Prevent changes from becoming stale by setting up notifications when changes are not deployed within some number of days of being merged.
  • View recent deployments to keep track of previously released changes.

🔷  Get started with previews in Slack

When you send a preview of a deployment to Slack, we’ll share a summary of the pull requests ready to ship and their authors. Head over to your Upcoming Deployments and select View to open an information panel, where you can then select the channel you want to notify.

👋  Get in touch

Need help connecting Slack or configuring deployments? You can find some time to chat with us and we’ll walk you through how you can use the Ready to Deploy feature to improve your team’s velocity.