🐾 Software 2.0: Data gets better with teams

We've shipped Software 2.0 with new features and improvements to help you collaborate better with your team. 

When you create a team, you can see how your team compares across a range of KPIs. For instance, when are your team's top code times? Do you meet more than you code? 

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We code above the global average (by 33%). What's your team's data look like?

Create a team

Your data is always private. Team data is anonymized, aggregated, and for the whole team, not just the manager. We're not interested in building spyware for managers. Mason (our CTO) wrote up our collective view on data privacy. I'd encourage you to check it out.

What's new in 2.0 🚀

Explore your team's trends

See your 90-day trends across metrics such as active code time, coding during vs. after work, and meeting time. You can also visualize your team's top code times and then schedule meetings around those times.

Top code times
We never schedule meetings from 4-5pm.

New and improved dashboard

We simplified the dashboard for you and for your team (same metrics, simpler design). And we'll be adding more to it soon—like metrics from GitHub and Slack.

Our team's dashboard for last week. Monday was a busy day.

Streamlined team onboarding

It's now even simpler to create a team. All you need is a clever name and then you can drop an invite link in Slack for your teammates to join.

No credit card is required, there's no sales demo, and the free tier is free forever. We're pretty adamant about keeping it this way. If you want more than 90 days of history, you can upgrade to our Pro plan. We'll be adding more features over time to our paid Pro plan.

Head on over to this page to create your organization.

Coming soon: Production Throughput 🤘

How does your team rank against high performers in the global community? We're putting the finishing touches on a GitHub integration that adds new insights, such as the time that it takes to go from the first keystroke all the way to deployment.

Get notified when we release Production Throughput.

Any questions about Software, or about this release? Just reply to this email or contact us on Twitter at @software_hq.


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