📣 Flexible, simple pricing plans

We’ve listened to your feedback over the last several months. We’re updating our pricing to be simpler and more flexible. Our Pro plan now starts at $99/mo for organizations of up to 20 developers.

When you upgrade, you'll unlock instant access to your team's lead time trend over the last three months. We've also added features to supercharge your team, like a Slack weekly digest and notifications to remind you about slipping work. 

Additional integrations, such as CI/CD tools, start at $33/mo and can be added to your plan for more advanced insights into your deployments. You can learn more about our updated plans on our website.

✨  Why the change?

  • It’s simpler. Instead of charging per developer, we charge a base platform fee based on the size of your engineering organization.
  • It’s predictable. With a flat monthly platform fee, you have room to grow your team without worrying about any surprise bills from us.
  • Pay only for what you need. Optional add-ons, like Deployment Insights, help you get more out of our platform when you connect more integrations.

You can also schedule time with us if you’d like to learn more about how Software can help your team with faster code reviews and more frequent deployments.