Code Anywhere for Teams

Today, we're excited to launch the beta release of our Code Anywhere dashboard for teams.

We created the dashboard to help teams see the benefits of remote vs. office work. Does your team work better at the office or from home? You'll have to see the data to find out.

Creating a team and inviting team members will allow you to see your team's aggregated, anonymized data in a single, unified dashboard. Everyone on your team will see the same data. Remember—your individual data is always private. Developer privacy continues to be, and will always be, top of mind for us.

You'll see the same data as in your personal dashboard, but each metric will be an average across team members. Here's an example of what it looks like:

It's an open beta, so anyone can create or join team, but first, someone at your company will have to create a Software organization. To create a Software organization, you will need to link your GitHub organization. We require GitHub to ensure that only your team's work projects (and not your personal side projects) are included in your team dashboard.

Anyone can create a team, for free, and use it for free, forever. The free plan includes up to two weeks of data.

Both teams and their parent organizations can upgrade to a paid plan for a charge per member per month. If someone upgrades to a paid subscription at the organization level, all teams in your organization will have access to the features of the paid subscription.

There's a lot more we have in store, and we'll be making improvements as we go. Feel free to email us at with any feedback or ideas.