Automatic flow mode is now fully enabled

Today we're officially flipping the switch on Auto Flow Mode, a new way for developers to protect their flow with better and smarter automation. 

If you have Auto Flow Mode turned on in your Code Time settings, your flow mode automations will now be seamlessly triggered during high velocity coding sessions.  

Auto Flow Mode detects when you are in flow and automatically triggers customizable workflows to silence distractions and prevent interruptions. You can automatically block Slack notifications, let your team know you are In Flow with a custom status message, and protect focus time on your calendar.

Here's how to configure Auto Flow Mode:

1. Open the Code Time view in your code editor or IDE. Click the gear icon next to the Flow Mode button to configure your Auto Flow Mode settings. 

2. Toggle on (or off) Automatic Flow Mode. Click the save button at the bottom.

3. Connect Slack to pause Slack Notifications and connect Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to block time in your calendar when you're in flow.

5. Code! Flow Mode will automatically turn on when you're in a high velocity coding session.

You can also learn more about automatic flow mode and why we built it in a post written by Mason, our CTO.